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R22 R134A R410A R404A R407c R290 Freon Gas Refrigerant

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Low Price Freon Gas R22, 13.6KG Refrigerant Freon R22 Gas
R22 R134A R410A R404A R407c R290 Freon Gas Refrigerant
13.6KG R22 freon Certification:CE

R22 R134A R410A R404A R407c R290 Freon Gas Refrigerant
Cylinder Height Diameter Thickness
420mm 241mm 1.0mm
Material Capacity Weight
DC01 13.3L 2.52kg
Working Pressure Testing Pressure Filling Gas
1.8Mpa 2.3Mpa R22/R134A
Gas Purity 99.91%-99.97%
Gas N.W. 13.6KG/30lb
Packing carton size 24.5*24.5*42.5cm
Packing, Payment and Delivery
Packing 1 cylinder/carton, disposable cylinder,neutral graphic design packing
Loading 1140 cylinders/20ft container
Payment Normally By T/T 30% as deposit, and the 70% balance against copy of B/L
Delivery within 20 days after receipt of deposit and confirm of carton design

R22 R134A R410A R404A R407c R290 Freon Gas Refrigerant

Refrigerant Freon Workshop and Shipment Glance
R22 R134A R410A R404A R407c R290 Freon Gas Refrigerant

At present, with the birth of various new environmentally friendly refrigerants, countries around the world are gradually phasing out traditional refrigerants such as R22, and advocate the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants. Countries are racing to carry out research on R22 refrigerant alternative technology. So, which new environmentally friendly refrigerants will replace R22 refrigerant? After several years of experiments and evaluations, there are several mature refrigerant substitutes for R22 as follows:

1. R407c refrigerant: It is the most popular R22 substitute among many candidate alternative refrigerants. This is because the thermal properties of R407c are similar to R22, and their working pressure and cooling capacity are relatively close. This makes the replacement simple and easy. After the original R22 machinery and equipment are changed to R407c refrigerant, except for replacing the lubricating oil, adjusting the system injection volume and throttling components, the compressor and other equipment can be unchanged. However, the cooling capacity and energy efficiency ratio of the machine after using R407c are slightly lower than when using R22, and the big defect of R407c refrigerant may be the large temperature slip.

2. 134a refrigerant: This non-azeotropic mixture has good thermodynamic properties at 30/70%. Many reports have pointed out that the cooling capacity of air-conditioning equipment after the optimization of the system injection volume and heat exchanger using this mixed working fluid is completely equivalent to R22, and the energy efficiency ratio can be increased by several percentage points. The disadvantage is that it is flammable under certain conditions, although it is non-flammable under normal working conditions.

3. R410a refrigerant: Its thermal performance is very close to that of a single working fluid. Although it is not very similar to R22, it may be a promising HFC substitute for R22. The refrigeration system using R410a needs to be modified, but the modified machine becomes more compact. Its other advantage is the high thermal conductivity of the liquid phase and low viscosity, which makes it have better transmission characteristics than R22. R410a refrigerant has a higher energy efficiency ratio than R22 after being optimized in an appropriate pressure range, and the overall efficiency can be increased by about 5% at the same cost, which is enough to make up for the cost of retrofit design.

 In short, R22 refrigerant will be used by consumers for a period of time and will be eliminated by new environmentally friendly refrigerants. Our company provides a full range of branded refrigerants, which are sold directly by the factory. Welcome to one-stop purchase. Please call 400-9285-776. Jiangsu Huafu Poly Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in one-stop procurement of a full range of brand refrigeration compressor accessories, central air conditioning equipment accessories, industrial chiller accessories, such as refrigerants, refrigerating oil, filters, compressors and other high-quality products.





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