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R600a Information, R134a Versus R600a

R600a refrigerant: alias R600a, Chinese name isobutane, English name isobutane, trade name Reflube 600a
  • Ningbo, China
  • USD 15 - USD 20 / Bottle
  • 300 bottles
  • L/C, T/T
  • 6-6.5KG / bottle
  • 2.1 Inflammable Gas
  • 500000mt
  • 1969

R600a Nevada Compared to R134a Nevada in Refrigerators

different kinds of nevada gas prices available

R600a vs R134a:

Due to its high water solubility, R134a (tetrafluoroethane) is not good for refrigeration systems. Even if there is a small amount of water, under the action of lubricating oil, it will produce acid, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, which will corrode metals. Therefore, R134a requires higher drying and cleaning of the system. R600a (isobutane) is slightly soluble in water and has good compatibility with most metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

  R134a has very low toxicity, is non-flammable in the air, and has a safety category of A1, which is a very safe refrigerant.

R600a has a weak irritation and anesthetic effect. It is a flammable gas. It can form a BaoZa mixture when mixed with air. It may burn BaoZa in case of heat and open flames. It reacts violently on contact with oxidants. Its vapor is heavier than air and can spread to a considerable distance at a lower place, and will ignite when it encounters a fire source. R134 has a certain greenhouse effect. R600a has no greenhouse effect.

  R600a's evaporating pressure, condensing pressure, and exhaust temperature are lower than R-134a. The lower liquid density of R600a refrigerant makes its charging capacity 45% of R-134a's. It has good refrigeration performance, and its refrigeration capacity is 55 of R-134a. %; R600a refrigerant has a strong destructive effect on the ozone layer due to R11 and R12, and the greenhouse effect is obvious. Among the CFCS alternative routes, one is the alternative route using R134a refrigerant represented by the United States and Japan; the other is It is represented by Germany as an alternative route using hydrocarbons as refrigerants.

Storage and Transportation

(1) R600a storage

R600a refrigerant cylinders are pressurized containers. They should be stored away from fire, heat sources, and direct sunlight. They are usually stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse;

R600a is stored separately from oxidizers, combustibles or combustibles, and aluminum. Remember to store them together.

Storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment.

Pay attention to the product name and the date of acceptance during acceptance, and use advanced warehouses first;

(2) R600a transportation

When using steel cylinders, you must wear the safety helmets on the cylinders. Place the steel cylinder horizontally with the mouth of the cylinder facing the same direction and do not store it crosswise

When transporting, load and unload lightly to prevent damage to accessories such as cylinders and valves.

In summer, it should be transported in the morning and evening to prevent sun exposure and away from heat sources;

It is forbidden to drop off during railway and road transportation;

Do not mix with oxidants, combustibles or combustibles, active metals, etc.;

Workshop and Shipment Glance

r600a gas in 6.5kg cylinder for sale.

Green Refrigerant Gas Environment Friend 6.5kg R600A Isobutane

Shipment of R600a coolant in different cylinder packages.

The advantages of typical hydrocarbon refrigerants such as isobutane (R600a) just overcome the shortcomings of R134a refrigerant. 

The excellent thermophysical properties of R600a determine that the refrigerant has higher energy efficiency and compressor efficiency 

than CFCS and HFCS. (COP value) and the refrigerator's overall cooling efficiency (power consumption index) are higher than R134a. 

Due to the advantages of energy saving and environmental pollution, Germany first succeeded in using hydrocarbons as refrigerants in

 refrigerators. With the maturity of process and technology, R600a refrigerant has also been widely used in China's refrigeration industry.

Refrigerant  Gas R600A ISOBUTANE
Physical Properties
Molecular Formula(CH3)2CHCH3
Molecular Weight58.123
Boiling Point  ℃-11.7
Freezing PointN/M
Density 30° C(kg/m3)221
Critical Temperature (℃) 134.9
Critical Pressure (MPa)3.648
Quality Index
Purity ≥ 99.90% 
Sulfur content ppm by weightless   than 1.0
Water content ppm by weightless   than 10
Acidity ppm by weightless   than 1.0
Evaporation residue ≤ 0.01% 
Appearance Colorless and clear 
Odor Odorless 
for refrigerant, used in refrigerators,cold drink machine, alternative R12 aerosol for the projectile agent for pesticides, cleaning agent, acrylic painted etc..Also used as propellant, solvent.
Packing, Payment and Delivery
Packing1.   Small Can 80g/100g/120g/420g
2. Disposable cylinder: 6.5KG/13.4L, 11KG/22.3L
3. Refillable cylinder   55KG/118L,196KG/400L,450KG/926L etc.
4. ISO-TANK 10T/24m3
Payment1)By T/T 30% as deposit, the 70% balance against copy of B/L
2)L/C payment term is also negotiable
Delivery20-25days after receiving the deposit
About Sample 
Sample is not possilbe as refrigerant gas is a kind of   dangerous goods and it can't be shipped by express courier. But we have our   own testing lab to show you the test result.





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