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Refrigerant R290 trend: China pushes strongly, the price is stable

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Refrigerant R290 trend: China pushes strongly, the price is stable

The chemical composition of R290 is propane (CH3CH2CH3), which is very toxic, flammable, and has a safety level of A3. The explosion limit of R290 is 2.1% ~ 10.0%, and the explosion point is much lower than that of R32.

   R290 (ODP=0 and GWP=20) has very little effect on global warming. It belongs to natural organic matter and can be obtained directly from liquefied petroleum gas at a low price. R290 has good thermal performance, large latent heat of vaporization, and less liquid filling in the system. Under the same working conditions, the exhaust temperature can be lower than R22 by 20°C, which is beneficial to extend the service life of the compressor.

   At present, many domestic enterprises have established production lines for R290 air conditioners, and the national environmental protection department has also spared no effort to promote the marketization of R290 products, and the domestic support for R290 is greater than R32. According to the person in charge of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China’s household air-conditioning industry has conducted cautious technical demonstrations and extensive application research on R290 as an alternative technology for HCFC-22 refrigerant, and more than 20 room air-conditioner production lines have completed R290 technology conversion.

   In addition, many institutions in China have determined that R290 is the only refrigerant that complies with the Kigali Amendment. Some industry companies also stated that R290 refrigerant is the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving product in the refrigeration bubble, and the carbon dioxide equivalent is basically zero.

  Frioflor refrigerant pointed out that the price of R290 is stable and the trend is good, but safety must be considered. In addition, to achieve the task of “carbon neutrality and carbon peaking”, new environmentally friendly refrigerants are an important way. Feiyuan is also actively developing and promoting environmentally friendly, energy-efficient refrigerants to promote the elimination of the entire industry as soon as possible.




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