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Supply 9KG Refillable Cylinder R32 Refrigerant Gas for Europe

R32 is an alternative to R410a with similar performance and an impressive 68% reduced GWP. Combine the environmental credentials with an average 25% reduced charge size, it’s easy to see why R32 has become one of the most common refrigerants found in new air-conditioning units from leading global manufacturers.
  • R32
  • 2903420000
  • Qingdao or Ningbo
  • USD 40 - USD 60
  • 800 bottles
  • LC or TT
  • 9KG refillable cylinder
  • 2.1
  • CH2F2
  • 75-10-5
  • 3252
Spply 9KG Refillable Cylinder R32 Refrigerant Gas for Europe

Where we produce R32 refrigerant gas

Contact us to get the latest price from the direct refrigerant gas supplier in China.

Physical property of R32 Refrigerant Gas
molecular weight 52.02       boiling point(1amt)ºC       -51.7          
melting point,ºC -136 boiling point evaporation potential,KJ/Kg 390.5
density(25ºC) liquid, g/cm³   0.960 vapour pressure(25ºC),Mpa 1.702
critical temperature,ºC         78.52 critical pressure,Mpa 5.808
critical density ,g/cm³ 0.430 boiling point evaporation potential,KJ/Kg 390.5
water solubilityºC,W% 0.440 specific heat(25ºC)liquid,KJ/KgºC 2.35
ODP 0 GWP 0.11

Quality index(Q/320623 NTD 01-2012):

purity,% ≥99.8  
moisture,% ≤0.001
acidity,% ≤0.0001
evaporated residue,% ≤ 0.01
chloride (cl-)experiment test permition
noncondensable gas(v/v),% 1.5
appearance colorless transparent liquefied gas

Packing specification: To Europe it is required to use refillable cylinder.

Uses of R32 Gas:

Difluoromethane is an organic substance with a molecular formula of CH2F2 and a molecular weight of 52.02. It is a colorless gas and is partially miscible with water.

Refrigerant R32 is used as a dry etching agent, a substitute for low-temperature refrigerant R-502, or as a mixed refrigerant with HFC-134a and HFC-152a to replace HCFC-22.

What is our advantage to sell

As a professional manufacturer, we have following advantage over other refrigerant gas factories:

  1. We are the supplier of many big air conditioner and commerical condioning customers.

  2. The cylinders have CE/DOT/KGS certificate

  3. New technology cylinder, 100% safety no leakage

  4. We have our own labs to guarantee the gas purity 99.91%-99.97%

  5. Refrigerant gas gas has REACH certificate

  6. We have R32,R152,R22,R134A,R410A,R407C,R404A…

Package of R32 for export to Europe

As a professional factory, every cylinder of refrigerant gas is stritcly tested and well protected to win full satisfaction from our customers.

R32 freon refrigerant gas 9KG refillable cylinder

In our factory, R32 is also commonly sold in disposable cylinder by package of 7KG or 9.5KG.





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