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A Research and Study on Refrigerant Gas Industry

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A Research and Study on Refrigerant Gas Industry

Detailed Analysis | Prospect | Current Situation | Refrigerant Industry

How is the domestic refrigerant market research? In the second half of the phase-out of the second-generation refrigerants, the third-generation refrigerants, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), have been used. The main products are R32, R134a, and R125. Its ODP is almost 0. Almost no damage to ozone. This type of refrigerant is very similar in performance to the second generation. Most of the market share transferred by R22 is occupied by R32. At the same time, R32 has also formed a replacement trend for R410a, so the application ratio of R32 is larger than that of R22. In 2020, the share of Gree and Midea R32 air conditioners may have reached 90% and 70%.

Refrigerant Market Research | 2022 Refrigerant Industry Prospect | Current Situation Analysis

With a large number of applications in the refrigerant industry, although the ODP value is low, its GWP value is hundreds of thousands of times that of carbon dioxide, so the production and use of third-generation refrigerants (HFCs) will also be limited. To start in 2024, like freezing the second generation, the government starts to freeze the production or use of the third generation, and starts to shrink in 2029, the refrigerant industry plans to cut by more than 80% by 2045.

Refrigerants (fluorine refrigerants) are one of the most important products in the fluorine chemical industry, and the downstream demand is mainly air conditioners (including automotive air conditioners), industrial and commercial refrigeration, accounting for more than 80%. China is also the production center of global air conditioners, and domestic air conditioner production capacity accounts for nearly 90% of the global production capacity. Since the beginning of this year, the domestic air-conditioning industry has achieved a significant recovery as a whole. According to industry online data, the total domestic sales of domestic air-conditioning units in the first half of 2021 was 86.3736 million units, a year-on-year increase of 13.56%.

The increase in the original demand for refrigerants, superimposed on new applications in emerging industries such as lithium batteries and photovoltaics, has made the current market demand for refrigerants hot. However, due to the special policies of the industry restricting new production capacity, the supply gap will continue to increase, and the entire refrigerant industry will continue to grow. The chain is expected to usher in a super economic cycle.

Downstream Analysis of Refrigerant Industry

In the refrigerant industry, driven by the downstream lithium battery and photovoltaic industries, the market demand for new fluorine-containing materials represented by PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is extremely hot, and the price of products has risen by up to 190,000 yuan per ton since the beginning of the year. The raw material for PVDF production is the second-generation refrigerant R142b, which consumes about 1.8 tons of R142b per ton of PVDF.

It is estimated that by 2024, the annual demand for refrigerants in domestic air-conditioning, industrial and commercial refrigeration sectors may exceed 750,000 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of about 4.4%. At the same time, considering the rapid improvement of the domestic lithium battery and photovoltaic industries, new fluorine-containing materials mainly based on PVDF will also increase the demand for refrigerants by more than 200,000 tons per year.

Refrigerant is a medium substance used to complete energy conversion in various heat engines. Common household refrigeration equipment includes household air conditioners, refrigerators, household freezers and ice cream machines, etc.; and industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment can be divided into industrial refrigeration equipment according to different uses. Central air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The domestic household air-conditioning market is mainly occupied by the three giants, Gree, Midea and Haier. Among them, Gree occupies 39% of the domestic air-conditioning market, Midea occupies 22%, and Haier occupies 10% of the market. The three giants together occupy 71% of the domestic air-conditioning market. % market share.

Refrigerant industry market demand

At present, China's carbon intensity binding indicators are mainly aimed at carbon dioxide. The next step is to strengthen HFC control and gradually extend it to all other non-CO2 greenhouse gases. Hydrofluorocarbons, including trifluoromethane, have a greenhouse effect that can reach tens of thousands of times that of carbon dioxide, and are currently mainly used in refrigerants, foaming agents and other fields. After the development of the carbon trading market matures, companies are expected to obtain direct material returns for their emission reduction efforts.




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