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An Encyclopedia on Refrigerant Gas Knowledge

How do I import

  • Q Guide To Import Refrigerant Gas

    Steps of importing refrigerant gas from us.

    1. We agree on refrigerant gas price, net weight per package etc. and then we will send you a proforma invoice for your payment.
    2. Payment: normally we accept 30% as deposit and 70% balance against copy of B/L. Payment by L/C at sight is also negociable.
    3. After receiving payment of 30%, we will send refrigerant gas cylinder and carton designs for your confirmation and begin production.
    4. We will send you detailed photos of refrigerant gas after the goods is ready then we will arrange the shipment by sea.
    5. We will send you photos of refrigerant gas loading to verify that the goods is correctly loaded into container.
    6. After shipment of goods, we will send all drafts of documents for your confirmation.
    7. Then we send you the copy of B/L and commercial invoice by email for your payment of 70% balance.
    8. After receipt of all the payment, we will send all original documents to your mailing address.
    9. You will use all these documents for collection of refrigerant gas.

    Some important notice:

    1. You must get the import permit of R22 gas from your government before you buy R22 from us.
    2. If you are importing to Euroepan EU market, you must have the F-Gas Quota.
  • Q European regulations on importing refrigerant gas

    A In Europe, regulations and standards related to the safe use and handling of R134a refrigerant gas are found in different regulations and standards. Some of these regulations and standards are:
    1.The EU F-Gas Regulation, which is a regulation on the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases (HFCs) in the European Union. The regulation requires the use of low-GWP HFCs instead of high-GWP HFCs, including R134a refrigerant gas.

    2.The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), which is a directive on the safety of pressure equipment, including cylinder heads and cylinders for R134a refrigerant gas. The directive requires the use of CE-marked pressure equipment for R134a refrigerant gas.

    3.The ATEX Directive, which is a directive on equipment and protective systems for use in explosive atmospheres. The directive requires the use of explosion-proof equipment for R134a refrigerant gas to prevent the occurrence of explosions or ignition in the cylinder.

    4.The Machinery Directive, which is a directive on the safety of machines and equipment. The directive requires the use of CE-marked equipment for R134a refrigerant gas to ensure its safety performance.

    5.The EN 600 series standards, which are European standards on low-pressure equipment for compressed gases, including R134a refrigerant gas. EN 600 standards specify requirements for low-pressure cylinder equipment for R134a refrigerant gas.

    6.The European Refrigerants Directive (ERD), which is a directive on the safety of refrigerants, including R134a refrigerant gas. ERD requires that refrigerants used in Europe must comply with ERD requirements to ensure their safety performance and environmental friendliness.

  • Q How Do I Choose the Package of Refrigerant Gas

    A For shipment of refrigerant gas, there are 5 kinds of most popular package in use:
    1. Disposable cylinder
    2. Small canister / bottle
    3. Refillable cylinder
    4. Refillable Ton Tank
    5. Refillable ISO Tank.

    You can print your own logo or design onto the disposable cylinder, small canister or refillable cylinder for brand and better selling consideration.
    If you buy a large quantity and have the service of refilling station at your own country, the package of ton tank or ISO tank is more profitable as
    you can return ton tank or ISO tank to us. During the whole period some guarantee fee is required to ensure the returning of ton tank or ISO tank.

    Following is the exact refrigerant gas net weight of each package, for more details please send us emails, we are always available.

    Refrigerant Gas Canister Disposable Cylinder Refillable Cylinder Ton Tank ISO Tank
    R22 100-1000g 13.6 or 22.7KG
    950KG 24000KG
    9.5 or 7KG 9KG 680KG 15000KG
    R134a 100-1000g 13.6KG 12KG 930KG 20000KG
    R410A 100-700g 11.3KG 9.8KG 740KG 14000KG
    R404A 100-700g 10.9KG 9.8KG 650KG 14000KG
    R407c 100-700g 11.3KG 9.8KG 840KG 14000KG
    R507 100-700g 11.3KG 9.8KG 690KG 14000KG

    R600A 120 or 420g 6.5 or 6KG

  • Q How to Ensure the Quality Purity and After-Service

    A 1. How to Ensure the Quality and Purity of Refrigerant Gas?

    a. We have our own labs, we make "analysis of components" for each batch of refrigerant gas shipment to ensure the purity and other components meet the industry standard.
    b. We also welcome customer's own visit or third-party inspection.
    c. From FAQ "Guid to Import Refrigerant Gas", you can clearly see that we always report to you about the production process.

    2. How do I get the after-service

    If there really occurs some problem, which is inevitable for all countries, we are always available at every minute of our working time.
    You can reach us by our company website www.frioflor.com, or by Facebook by search frioflor, or by whatsapp/wechat/ telehone call etc..
    Our sales team is professional and they speak English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese... So you can freely communicate with us.

    We are here to do business with you to enlarge refrigerant gas industry together.




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