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What harm does insufficient refrigerant have to the chiller refrigeration system?

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What harm does insufficient refrigerant have to the chiller refrigeration system?

The importance of traditional industries in our lives is becoming more and more obvious, and the importance of related home appliances that assist traditional processing industries is also becoming more and more obvious. Air-cooled chillers have become an indispensable presence in the plastics processing industry. An excellent chiller can greatly improve the surface finish of the plastic products we see now, and it can also greatly reduce the probability of traces, textures and internal stress on the surface of the plastic products, ensuring that the plastic products that reach the consumer will not shrink or appear In the case of deformation, choosing an air-cooled chiller can also help more convenient demolding and product molding when processing plastic products, which greatly improves the industry's production efficiency and product quality. Air-cooled chillers have become the top priority of manufacturers.

   For the refrigeration system of the chiller, as long as the installation is correct and reliable and there is no leakage at the pipe connection, the system can operate effectively for a long time without adding refrigerant. If there is a refrigerant leak from the chiller, you should first try to find the leak, solve the leak, and then replenish the refrigerant.

   1. Reasons for insufficient refrigerant

   a. The newly installed chiller is not charged with refrigerant as required.

   b. The air tightness of the system is not good, causing refrigerant leakage.

   c. Improper operation and maintenance may cause refrigerant leakage.

   2. The influence of insufficient refrigerant charge on the chiller

   a. If the suction pressure and discharge pressure of the compressor are lower than the normal value, you need to check whether it is because of insufficient refrigerant charge.

  b. In the case of insufficient refrigerant charge, the compressor will run at no load, resulting in light load or even idling of the chiller. At this time, the current is lower than the rated current.

  c. Insufficient refrigerant charge will also reduce the evaporation capacity in the evaporator, resulting in a decrease in cooling capacity, poor cooling effect of the unit, and slow or no decrease in room temperature or storage temperature.

   d. If you see that the thermal expansion valve of the chiller is not frosted, it is rarely frosted. When there is no condensed water or little or no condensed water in the air conditioner, it may also be caused by insufficient refrigerant charge.

   e. If you see that the evaporator of the chiller has little or no frost or no condensation, and there is little or no condensation in the air-conditioning condition, the same reason is that the refrigerant is insufficiently charged.

   When the chiller's refrigerant is insufficient, the entire refrigeration system should be strictly and carefully inspected to determine the specific cause or location of the leak, eliminate the fault, and replenish the refrigerant according to the regulations. To restore the normal operation of the chiller.

  The ice water and cooling work of the screw chiller is based on refrigerant. Without refrigerant, screw chillers have no cooling function. When you find that the screw chiller reduces the cooling effect of the equipment and reduces the cooling capacity, it is likely that the refrigerant is insufficient. So, what if the screw chiller lacks refrigerant?

  How about the performance of a screw-type refrigerator without refrigerant? The most basic performance is: the cooling capacity is reduced, and the cooling effect is reduced. Insufficient refrigerants in screw chillers also include:

  From the perspective of the compressor load performance: when the compressor load of the screw chiller suddenly increases, overload protection sometimes occurs, and it is basically judged that there is no problem with the compressor or the lack of refrigerant. Due to the lack of refrigerant in the working chamber of the compressor, the compressor will automatically increase the work load by increasing the compression effect of a small amount of refrigerant to the normal cooling capacity.

   Observation window: It can directly observe whether the refrigerant is missing. It is generally believed that any refrigerant loss can be observed through the observation window. Of course, the foam shaft can only be observed when the system is running, but the foam is not necessarily a refrigerant or the system is not smooth. For other reasons, please be aware of this.

   The reason for insufficient refrigerant may be normal consumption, but on the other hand, it may also be abnormal consumption: the most common type of abnormal consumption is leakage. Refrigerant leakage is a common problem of screw chillers, and it is also one of the main reasons for insufficient refrigerant and insufficient refrigerant in screw chillers.




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