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Advantages of R290 refrigerant over HFC Refrigerants

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Advantages of R290 refrigerant over HFC Refrigerants

A real detail research of Advantages and Disadvantages of R290 Refrigerant over HFC

  1. R290 refrigerant gas has a much less value of GWP and ODP, so it has little effect on the environment.

GWP Value of Different Refrigerant Gas Refrigerant Molecular GWP  ODP
R290 C3H8 3 0
R32 CH2F2 580 0
R600a CH(CH3)3 3 0
R410A R32/R125 1900 0
R22 CHF2Cl 1700 0.055

GWP: Global Warming Potencial

ODP: Ozone Depleting Potential Value

2. R290 refrigerant gas has less consumption and is much cheaper.

Calculated by charging weight, the amount of R290 refrigerant is only 40%~55% of R22 and R410a, and the amount is less, which is more economical.

Comparison of charging weight between R410a and R290 refrigerant gas             Comparison of charging weight between R410a and R290 refrigerant gas

3. R290 refrigerant gas has higher effciency and energy-saving.

The freezing point is low and the latent heat of evaporation is larger, which makes the temperature drop faster per unit time; the isentropic compression ratio is small, which makes the compressor work easier and prolongs the service life of the compressor; the molecular weight is small, the fluidity is good, and the delivery pressure is lower. The load on the compressor is reduced. Using R290 refrigerant, the energy saving rate can reach 15~35%.

Engery consumption of HFC and HF Refrigerant Gas

4. R290 refrigerant gas has better refrigeration capability.

With a shorter cooling time of the air conditioner compressor, the cooling effect is the same as R22. R290 refrigerant has a large refrigerating capacity per unit volume and unit mass, high heat exchange performance of the condenser and evaporator, shortening the refrigeration time of the air-conditioning compressor, and can save 30% of electric energy under the same refrigeration effect.

5. R290 refrigerant gas adapts better to hot climates.

Most refrigerants are composed of HCFCs, hydrofluorocarbons or hydrochlorofluorocarbon mixtures. These refrigerants have been proven to be unsuitable for use in hot or tropical areas. R290 refrigerant has unique adaptability to hot climates.

6. R290 refrigerant gas has wider application range.

R290 refrigerant can be used in refrigeration systems such as refrigerators, household air conditioners, and refrigerated vehicles.




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