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Application, Advantages and Disadvantages of R600a Refrigerant

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Application, Advantages and Disadvantages of R600a Refrigerant

R600a refrigerant is one of the common household refrigerants currently widely used on the market . Its physical name is isobutane, and it is also an environmentally friendly refrigerant used to replace R12 refrigerant. It is mainly used to replace R12 and R134a refrigerants in refrigerators, freezers, and other small refrigeration equipment; because R600a is flammable, it is usually only used for It is also often used as a component of mixed refrigerants in low-temperature refrigeration equipment with less liquid filling. R600a is compatible with traditional lubricating oils. Let's take a look at the specific applications, advantages and disadvantages of refrigerator r600a refrigerant.

Advantages of R600a refrigerant

1. No fluorine and no pollution.

2. High cooling efficiency and low compressor power.

3. The cost of producing refrigerator R600A Freon is lower.

4. In the process of manufacturing refrigerator R600A refrigerant, the loss is small, and the amount of r600a refrigerant filled in each refrigerator is small, only about 50g.

5. The refrigerator r600a refrigerant has no special requirements for its system materials, and the system operates reliably.

Disadvantages of R600a refrigerant

1. Because of the flammability of R600A refrigerant, if the refrigerator r600a refrigerant is used improperly, it is easy to cause combustion and explosion.

2. Safety and explosion-proof measures need to be invested in the production process of the refrigerator r600a refrigerant.

3. R600a refrigerant is not suitable for air-cooled refrigerators and large-dose charging refrigerators.




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