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Factory Wholesale Refrigerant Gas R410a in 11.3KG Cylinder

As a medium and high temperature refrigerant widely used today, R-410A freon gas is flammable and mainly used in household air conditioners, small and medium commercial air conditioners. Find Data Sheet and Formula in frioflor refrigerant gas.
  • Ningbo, China
  • USD28 - USD 50
  • 100 bottles
  • L/C, T/T
  • 11.3KG Disposable Cylinder or Others
  • 2.2
  • 50% of R32 and 50% of R125
  • 75-10-5 & 354-33-6
  • 3163

Factory Wholesale Refrigerant Gas R410a in 11.3KG Cylinder

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R410a Technical Datasheet
11.3KG R410A                                                                            Certification:CE
factory direct sale R410a disposable tank 11.3KG Cylinder Height Diameter Thickness
420mm 241mm 1.5mm
Material Capacity Weight
DC04 13.3L 3.5kg
Working Pressure Testing   Pressure Filling Gas
2.8Mpa 3.45Mpa R410A/R32
Gas Purity 99.91%-99.97%
Gas N.W. 11.3KG/25lb
Packing carton size 24.5*24.5*42.5cm
Packing, Payment and Delivery
Packing 1   cylinder/carton, disposable cylinder, OEM design on carton
Loading 1150 cylinders/20ft container, mixing with other refrigerant gas is supported
Payment Normally By T/T 30% as deposit, and the 70% balance against copy of B/L
Delivery within 20 days after receipt of deposit and confirm of carton design
workshop of refrigerant gas production
R410a VS R32

Comparative analysis of the characteristics of R410A and R32.

1. Thermophysical properties: R32 charging volume can be reduced, only 0.71 times that of R410A. The working pressure of R32 system is higher than R410A, but the maximum increase is not more than 2.6%, which is equivalent to the pressure requirement of R410A system, and R32 system exhausts Compared with R410A, the temperature rises up to 35.3℃.

2. Environmental protection characteristics: ODP value (ozone depletion potential value) is 0, but R32's GWP value (global warming potential value) is moderate, compared with R22, the CO2 emission reduction ratio can reach 77.6%, while R410A is only 2.5% , It is significantly better than R410A in terms of CO2 emission reduction.

3. Safety: Both R32 and R410A are non-toxic, while R32 is combustible. Among several alternatives to R22, R32 and R290, R32 has the highest lower combustion limit, LFL. Although R290 is the most environmentally friendly, it is highly flammable and has a safety level of A3. Therefore, it is required to only charge air conditioners within 2p, and large number air conditioners are restricted.

4. Cycle performance: In terms of theoretical cycle performance, the cooling capacity of the R32 system is 12.6% higher than that of R410A, the power consumption increases by 8.1%, and the overall energy saving is 4.3%. The experimental results also show that the refrigeration system using R32 has a slightly higher energy efficiency ratio than R410A .

R410A refrigerant composition: R32, R125

Mole percentage: R32 accounts for 70%, R125 accounts for 30%

Mass percentage: R32 accounts for 50%, R125 accounts for 50%

UN NO:3163

CAS NO: 354-33-6,75-10-5

R410a Workshop 

Refrigerant Freon Workshop and Shipment Glance
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Freon accident risk:

1. Freon itself is non-toxic and a suffocating gas. Freon is heavier than air. After a leak, it will stay in a low and poorly ventilated place. When it mixes with air to a certain concentration, it will cause hypoxia in the environment. Staying in this environment can cause suffocation due to lack of oxygen. Excessive inhalation or long time can inhibit respiratory function and cause coma or even death.

2. Freon can decompose to produce toxic and harmful gases such as phosgene, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, etc. when it meets an open flame and under the action of water vapor, which can cause poisoning.

3. The human body directly contacts the liquid freon, which can cause frostbite.

4. If the container or gas cylinder storing Freon encounters high heat, the internal pressure increases, and there is a danger of cracking and physical explosion.

Refrigerant Gas   R410a
Physical   Properties
Molecular Weight72.58
Boiling Point 101.3KPa(°   C) -51.6
Freezing PointN/M
Density 30° C(kg/m3)1038
Critical Temperature (° C) 72.5
Critical Pressure (MPa)4.95
GWP 2000
Quality   Index
Purity ≥99.90% 
Water content ≤0.001% 
Evaporation residue ≤0.01% 
Chloride content≤0.0001%
Appearance Colorless   and clear 
Odor Odorless 
As   long-term substitute for R-twenty-two, R410A is used mainly in the   conditioners and refriger-anting systems.
Packing,   Payment and Delivery
Packing1.   Disposable cylinder: 11.3KG/25lb
2. Refillable cylinder such as 12L/14L/60L   etc..
Payment1)By   T/T 30% as deposit, the 70% balance against copy of B/L
2)L/C payment term is also negotiable
Delivery20-25days   after receiving the deposit
About   Sample 
Sample   is ok, but refrigerant is dangerous goods in law, ship agent will not accept   mixed stuffing with other goods, so the high sea freight and delivery cost is   better been taken into consideration.





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