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How often does the air conditioner need to add refrigerant?

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How often does the air conditioner need to add refrigerant?

In the face of the harsh summer, the air conditioner seems to have become an indispensable regulator for everyone. With it, you will not be unable to eat because of the heat, and you will not sleep well because of the heat! With this comfortable company, it is inevitable that there will be malfunctions. When the air conditioner is not cooling or heating, this is probably because the refrigerant in the air conditioner is gone. In this way, everyone will have such concerns. How long is the life of this air conditioner? Under what circumstances should coolant be added? Today, let's take a look with the editor!

1. How to judge whether to add refrigerant?

There are actually many reasons why the air conditioner is not cooling. Generally, the refrigerant is sealed in the internal pipe of the air conditioner, unless one condition is that it leaks fluorine.

So how do you judge whether the air conditioner is not cooling or lacks refrigerant?

First of all, we can switch the temperature of the air conditioner to 26 degrees. If the indoor temperature is higher than 26 degrees, then it may be a lack of refrigerant.

Of course, this is not absolute, and there are other factors. Then everyone should check 2 points below:

a. Open the air conditioner panel and see if the filter inside is fully absorbed by the ash layer. If the filter is not washed for a long time, it will cause the cooling effect to deteriorate.

b. Excuse the pipeline to check to see if there is any damage. The inspection method is very simple, because if there is fluorine leakage in the pipeline, there will be oil leakage. In this way, the damaged location will look very dirty, so observe It is very simple.

2. How often does the air conditioner need to add refrigerant?

There is no doubt that air-conditioning refrigeration is operated by the refrigerant inside the air-conditioning, so how long will it take to add it? In fact, there are generally two situations for adding refrigerant:

a. When moving the air conditioner, you need to add:

Because when we move the air conditioner, the refrigerant needs to be collected in the process, so it is normal for the refrigerant to be lost during this process. So if we still want to use it normally after moving the machine, we need to add refrigerant.

b. The air conditioner should be added in about 5 years:

The air conditioner has been in operation for up to 5 years, and it is normal for it to be worn out, so it is a normal operation to add refrigerant once about 5 years. But if the air conditioner in your home has only been used for two years, it will not be cooled, this may not be due to the refrigerant problem, and a full machine inspection must be carried out.

3. How to charge for air-conditioning refrigerant?

For air-conditioning refrigerants, it can actually be divided into two situations, one is to calculate according to the type of refrigerant, and the other is to calculate based on the amount of refrigeration. The details are as follows:

a. The types of refrigerants can be divided into R22 (freon), R410A, R32, the prices are increasing, one is higher than the other.

b. Calculated according to the amount. Generally, the larger number of horses is more expensive than the smaller number of horses. Let's take one horse as an example. For example, R22 costs about 100, R410A costs about 200, and R32 costs about 300 yuan.

In general, for air conditioners, if there is no cooling, you must investigate the problem before solving it, and don't waste money.




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