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How to use refrigerant to be safe?

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How to use refrigerant to be safe?

Safe use of refrigerants

The scope of use and refrigeration performance are not all the basis for judging whether a refrigeration product meets the needs. When choosing a long-term sustainable product, safety cannot be ignored.

First of all, we must buy products from regular manufacturers. For some refrigerants, only a few months have passed, and the air conditioner does not cool down. This is because the quality of the refrigerant just added is defective. The purity of the product may not be high, or other different types of low-cost refrigerants may be used for filling. Counterfeit.

Secondly, do not mix. The refrigeration equipment can only be charged with the original type of refrigerant, other types of refrigerants may cause the compressor to be destroyed. For example, in cars produced after 2002, the air conditioning system is designed for R134a, and the piping, tools, spare parts, etc. are all dedicated. If R12, R22 and other non-R134a refrigerants are added, it will cause abnormal compressors, poor cooling, and pipes. Road leakage caused irreparable damage to the entire air-conditioning system.

The explosion of Lihai Building was that the central air-conditioning machine room changed the original design refrigerant medium requirements and replaced R134a refrigerant with HR-223 hydrocarbon refrigerant. The air conditioning system that originally used fluorine-containing refrigerants was directly filled with hydrocarbon refrigerants to replace them, laying a huge safety hazard. For various refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in use, it is strictly forbidden to use flammable refrigerants to directly replace non-flammable refrigerants.

On the other hand, we must strictly follow the procedures. For installation, modification, and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, users should contact the after-sales service department of the air-conditioning equipment manufacturer or a formal air-conditioning installation and maintenance company.

The main disadvantage of hydrocarbon refrigerants is flammability. If there is a closed environment, there is an open flame, and the leakage reaches a certain concentration, it may explode, just like natural gas. The room area for R290 use and maintenance should be greater than 15 square meters. Avoid fire sources within 2 meters of the air-conditioning area. No sockets and other power sources and heat sources that may generate sparks are allowed directly below the indoor unit. Smoking within 2 meters of the air-conditioner is strictly prohibited. These all require professional knowledge of inspection and maintenance manufacturers.




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