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Is air conditioning refrigerant and refrigerator refrigerant common for use?

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Is air conditioning refrigerant and refrigerator refrigerant common for use?

Can air-conditioning refrigerants be mixed with refrigerator refrigerants?

It’s best to read the label clearly, not necessarily the same. Refrigerators generally use R22 refrigerant. Now air conditioners generally use the more environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. If you use the same type of refrigerant, you can mix them. If not, just use it. Can not be mixed. The characteristics of R22 and R410A are different, the system is also different.

Can the air conditioner and the refrigerator use the same refrigerant meter?

It is best to use different refrigerant tables separately.

Refrigerators and air conditioners use completely different refrigerant types. Refrigerators mostly use R600a, R134a and other refrigerants, while current household air conditioners mostly use R410a refrigerant.

If the same refrigerant composite pressure gauge is used, different types of refrigerants will be mixed to varying degrees, which may cause adverse interference and harm to the normal operation of the air conditioner or refrigerator refrigeration system.

Refrigerators and air conditioners are vapor compression refrigeration devices, which are made using the principle of liquid vaporization and heat absorption.

The principle of vapor compression refrigeration device:

The refrigerant inside the system evaporates and absorbs heat in the evaporator with a lower pressure. It is pressurized by the compressor and sent to the condenser to dissipate heat, and then through the capillary throttling and pressure reduction, it enters the evaporator to absorb heat again. Reciprocating cycle. It is the refrigerant that realizes the heat exchange.

Generally, fixed frequency air conditioners use R22 refrigerant, and inverter air conditioners use R410A refrigerant. The refrigerators used are R600A, R134A, etc.

When the refrigerant inside the refrigerator system leaks, the cooling effect will deteriorate, so it is necessary to add refrigerant. The process of adding refrigerant to a refrigerator is more complicated than that of an air conditioner. It must be checked for leaks, and then evacuated, airtight test, filled with refrigerant, and commissioned.

Are air conditioner refrigerants and refrigerator refrigerants common? Refrigerator refrigerants and air conditioner refrigerants can be common

Refrigerator refrigerant and air conditioner refrigerant can be used in common?

Not universal.

At present, the most used refrigerant for refrigerators is R600a, and the most used refrigerant for air conditioners is R410A. The two refrigerants have different physical properties and cannot be mixed or exchanged. This will lead to the loss of all the refrigeration characteristics, and even the compressor And the refrigerant system brings harm.




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