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Price of Refrigerant Gas Remained Stable in the First Week After Chinese New Year Holiday

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Price of Refrigerant Gas Remained Stable in the First Week After Chinese New Year Holiday

       1.Price trend of refrigerant gas after Chinese New Year in 2021

According to the monitoring of the bulk data of the business agency, as of February 20, the average price of refrigerant R22 was 14,100 yuan/ton, which was the same as the price at the beginning of the month, up 0.71% from the previous month and down 23.78% from the same period last year.

R22 price trend at beginning of 2021

According to the bulk data monitoring of the business agency, as of February 20, the average price of refrigerant R134a was 1,766.67 yuan/ton, which was an increase from the price of 17,500 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month. The month-on-month increase was 10.84%, and it was down 15.29% compared with the same period last year.

R134a price tren at beninning of 2021


        2. Market analysis


 the first week after the holiday, the price trend of refrigerant R22 did not fluctuate significantly compared with before the holiday. The market for raw materials hydrofluoric acid and chloroform fluctuates slightly, and the support for R22 is acceptable. Major manufacturers have not issued new quotations, and traders have not yet Fully entered the market, the demand side is still weak as usual, the market as a whole is relatively calm, and prices are stable. At present, the market price of R22 is mostly around 13000-15000 yuan/ton, the price of Shandong area is about 14000 yuan/ton, the price of Zhejiang area is about 14000-15000/ton, the price of Hunan area is about 14000-14500/ton, and the price of Shanghai area is Around 14,000 yuan/ton, the short-term price is stable.


the price of the refrigerant R134a is temporarily stable after the holiday, and the ex-factory price of the raw material hydrofluoric acid in the market has risen slightly. The effect of boosting R134a is general, and the demand side is relatively calm. However, the auto market demand may increase after the year. The market is expected to improve. The refrigerant R134a market may usher in an inflection point. At present, the quotation of R134a in the market is mostly in the range of 19000-22,000 yuan/ton, the quotation in Shandong is about 20,000 yuan/ton, the quotation in Zhejiang is about 19000-21,500/ton, the quotation in Hunan is about 20500-21,000/ton, and the quotation in Jiangsu is Around 22,000/ton, the Shanghai area's quotation is around 20,000 yuan/ton, and the short-term price is stable.

     Raw material hydrofluoric acid

On February 22, the mainstream price of domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was 10000-11000 yuan/ton. The ex-factory price trend of on-site merchants rose slightly. The operating rate of domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was average, and the on-site supply of goods was slightly Significantly tight, affected by the high price of fluorite, but the downstream refrigerant industry demand is general, on-site on-demand procurement is the main, and it is expected that the on-site price will remain stable in the later period.


the current market is dominated by shock adjustments, the industry’s trading situation is average, enterprises are starting to fall negative, inventory is low, and the upstream liquid chlorine market is high, which supports the price of methane chloride. The overall purchase demand in the downstream market is flat, and the market Insufficient support. The market price of methane chloride in Shandong has been raised, the mainstream quotation of methylene chloride market is 3030-3080 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of trichloromethane market is around 2410-2480 yuan/ton. It is expected to fluctuate and adjust in the short term.

3. market outlook forecast

      Refrigerant analysts of the Business Club believe that the refrigerant market in the first week after the holiday is relatively stable, traders have not yet returned to the market, and the demand has been slow to start. The current impact of raw materials is limited and the market is generally calm, but manufacturers have the intention to support the market. With the recovery of downstream demand, the prices of refrigerants R22 and R134a are expected to rise steadily.




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