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Price of Refrigerant R410a Is Stable and Firm (3.24-3.31)

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Price of Refrigerant R410a Is Stable and Firm (3.24-3.31)

Manufacturers directly supply air-conditioning plants mainly, and the quotation of refrigerant R410a is firm. 

On the raw material side, discussions on the fluorite market were loosened, and the anhydrous hydrofluoric acid 

market's focus was consolidating; the low-price bidding of mixed raw materials R32 and R125 remained strong, 

which temporarily stabilized the supporting role of the cost of refrigerant R410a. Terminals, exports, and foreign trade orders 

are relatively stable; domestic trade is mainly direct supply air-conditioning plants. However, due to the decrease in market share,

it is difficult to increase year-on-year. Domestic mainstream manufacturers are quoting about 21,000-22,000 yuan/ton, 

on-site Mainly deliver early orders of 19500-20000 yuan/ton, and the amount of new documents can be discussed.


On the raw material side, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is mainly arranged sideways; the mixed raw material R32 is limited in 

the upward direction, and R125 is mainly strong at high positions, which temporarily stabilizes the cost of refrigerant R410a. 

Terminal, foreign trade, short-term maintenance of the current level; domestic trade, first delivery before pricing, the air-conditioning 

market has a limited increase in new orders; the after-sales market is still in the off-season in the short term. We predict that the 

refrigerant R410a will remain stable in the short term, and the transaction price of new orders may go up.




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