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R32 Refrigerant Gas Price Trend

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R32 Refrigerant Gas Price Trend

Direct supply to air-conditioning plants and mixing are the mainstays, and the refrigerant R32 is deadlocked at low levels.

On the raw material side, the mainstream transaction of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid remained at 11,200-11,700 yuan/ton; the price of dichloromethane continued to rise to around 6,000 yuan/ton to maintain stability, which increased pressure on the profitability of refrigerant R32.

Terminals, foreign trade, customs clearance after December 20, product shipments will be suspended, negative demand for exports; domestic trade, air-conditioning manufacturers to produce sales based on demand, mainly to obtain goods, long-term cooperation manufacturers to obtain goods is acceptable, Some small factories have high inventories. On the supply and demand side, the refrigerant R32 accounts for a large proportion of the market. Enterprises are producing high loads, and the ratio of on-site supply and demand structure is out of balance.

  As of yesterday's closing, the domestic mainstream manufacturers' quotations were around 1,6000-17,000 yuan/ton, and the actual transactions were delivered with reference to 15500-16500 yuan/ton. Longzhong predicts that the price of refrigerant R32 will remain at a low stalemate in the short term. Affected by cost and demand, there will be a dilemma between the ups and downs.




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