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Refrigerant Gas Faces a Non-busy Peak Season, and hydrofluoric acid "non-active in orders"

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Refrigerant Gas Faces a Non-busy Peak Season, and hydrofluoric acid "non-active in orders"

Recently, the domestic price of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid has temporarily stabilized. As of April 23, the market price of hydrofluoric acid was 10,622.22 yuan/ton. The market trend has been relatively stable in the past two months with little change.


Recently, the domestic price of hydrofluoric acid has been stable. Up to now, the mainstream price of hydrofluoric acid in various regions in the country has been negotiated at 9500-11000 yuan/ton. The domestic hydrofluoric acid trading market is mainly stable. Recently, the domestic spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is normal, and the on-site price The trend is mainly stable, and the market is “no life”.


The domestic spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is normal. Although some of the hydrofluoric acid devices on the site are overhauled, the spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is acceptable. So far, the mainstream of hydrofluoric acid negotiations in the southern region is 9500-10500 yuan/ton, and the hydrofluoric acid in the northern market The price is 10000-11000 yuan/ton. Recently, the domestic market price of hydrofluoric acid is mainly stable, and manufacturers report that the recent trend is mainly stable. However, the spot supply of hydrofluoric acid on the market has increased in the later period, and the market price is facing downward pressure.


The market price trend of hydrofluoric acid raw material fluorite declined slightly. As of the 23rd, the domestic fluorite price was 2733.33 yuan/ton, which was 1.01% lower than the price of 2761.11 yuan/ton at the beginning of March. The domestic fluorite spot supply has been normal recently, but as the temperature picks up , The parking devices of some northern manufacturers are about to start up, and the supply at the venue may increase by then. The domestic fluorite price trend has recently declined slightly. Up to now, the mainstream of domestic fluorite negotiation is 2600-2800 yuan/ton. The decline in the price of fluorite on the market is a negative impact on the hydrofluoric acid market. The domestic market for hydrofluoric acid has a stable price trend.


The domestic refrigerant market trend has risen slightly. Recently, the sales market of the automobile industry has been better, the refrigerant market has improved, and the demand is mainly based on on-demand procurement. The trend of the refrigerant industry has risen slightly. The market of various types of refrigerants has risen slightly, but the manufacturers are under pressure of cargo delivery and the sales pressure is relatively high. However, the peak season of the refrigerator industry in March and April, but the peak season is not strong, the price of refrigerant rises little, the refrigerant industry is not operating high, and the market demand for hydrofluoric acid is limited. 

The overall refrigerant market is generally supported by favorable factors, and the price of chloroform has risen slightly, which has caused the price of refrigerant to rise. At present, the refrigerant R22 manufacturers have low load, the inventory is within a reasonable range, and the market price continues to rise, but the downstream receiving capacity is limited, and there is a lot of wait-and-see sentiment. The shipment situation of the holders is normal, and some merchants still have the phenomenon of cost upside down. The mainstream of negotiation is at the level of 16000-17500 yuan/ton. 

Domestic R134a manufacturers run under low load, which is good for supporting the slight increase in the price trend of R134a. However, the current on-demand procurement is the main focus, downstream enterprises are not operating high, and traders have a strong wait-and-see sentiment. The current market quotation of refrigerant R134a is mostly in the range of 20000-24000 yuan/ton, the price is high, but the transaction atmosphere is general, and the downstream refrigerant market is somewhat Improved, but the overall operating rate is relatively low, the demand is average, and the market price of hydrofluoric acid is stable.


The price of raw materials in the fluorine chemical industry has not changed much. The price of raw material fluorite has dropped slightly, and the price of downstream refrigerant products has risen slightly. In addition, the domestic hydrofluoric acid maintenance device has a restart plan in the near future, and the spot supply on the spot has increased. Chen Ling, a hydrofluoric acid analyst, believes that the market price of hydrofluoric acid is under pressure to rise, and prices may face slight downward pressure in the later period.




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