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Refrigerant Gas Prediction ( 24.7-30.7,2022 )

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Refrigerant Gas Prediction ( 24.7-30.7,2022 )

This week, the market demand for refrigerants has been boosted, and prices have remained stable and have been rising. 

Weekly market characteristics are as follows: 

upstream core raw materials fluorite powder and hydrofluoric acid, the price fluctuated and remained stable during the week. 

The demand for methane chloride is still weak, and the price fluctuates downward. 

The supply of trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene factories shrunk, but downstream purchases were active, and the shortage caused the price

 to continue to rise at a high level. Other refrigerant raw material products maintained stable operation. 

From the perspective of cost, the high price of some raw materials such as trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene has led to an increase in the

 cost pressure of refrigerant enterprises. 

From the perspective of the supply side, high costs have put enormous pressure on factories that purchase raw materials, production cuts or parking has increased, and even quotations have been suspended; companies with a complete industrial chain, such as Juhua, have obvious cost

 advantages, high start-up loads, and overall industry supply. tighten.

 From the perspective of demand, the high temperature weather in many places in China has continued recently. The increase in after-sales demand for downstream air conditioners has driven the demand for HCFC-22 and R410A, and the domestic trade demand has improved; the export demand has picked up, and dealers have actively stocked up. 

 It is comprehensively expected that the strong cost support and the growth of domestic and foreign sales demand will also drive the market to run





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