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Refrigerant R134a: transaction price rises

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Refrigerant R134a: transaction price rises

On the raw material side, the fluorite market is not buying well, and the anhydrous hydrofluoric acid market is negotiated on an order-by-order basis; the additional new orders for trichloroethylene have exceeded 10,000 yuan, which has a new high support for the cost of refrigerant R134a. Terminal, foreign trade, maintain long-term export as the mainstay;

  In the domestic trade, the auto market has not reached the peak season, and there is no significant increase in the market; traders are cautious with high prices, and the atmosphere in the market is relatively strong. The two lines of Taicang Sinochem have started construction, and the start of Meilan's new plant has been delayed. The Yonghe plant has a daily output of 30-40 tons.

   As of yesterday's closing, mainstream manufacturers of refrigerant R134a quoted 23,000-24,000 yuan/ton for reference, and the price in the north was higher than that in the south. Longzhong predicts that the quotation of refrigerant R134a is mainly high and firm, and the actual transaction price is mainly slow and rising.




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