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This week, the refrigerant market price goes down (7.5-7.9)

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This week, the refrigerant market price goes down (7.5-7.9)

1. Refrigerant Gas Price trend

R22 refrigerant price trend

According to the monitoring of the bulk data of the business agency, as of July 9, the average price of refrigerant R22 was 16,700 yuan/ton, a slight decrease of 0.6% from the beginning of the week, an increase of 1.2% from the previous month, and an increase of 3.3 from the same period last year.

R134a refrigerant price trend

According to the bulk data monitoring of the business agency, as of July 9, the average price of refrigerant R134a was 21,333.33 yuan/ton, down 6.98% from the beginning of the week, down 6.98% from the previous month, and up 23.55% from the same period last year.

2.Refrigerant Gas Market analysis

This week, the refrigerant R22 market is weak and stable. The company's price fluctuates little, and the sentiment of the price is strong. However, the actual transaction is more profitable, and the company's quotation has been steadily falling. Recently, the raw material methane chloride market has consolidated at a high level, cost support is good, coupled with natural heat, after-sales market demand is acceptable, supporting the price of R22 is not easy to decline, but the support is limited. As of July 9th, most of the R22 market offers are in the range of 15500-17100 yuan/ton, Shandong area offers around 16000-17100 yuan/ton, Zhejiang area offers around 15500-16500/ton, and Hunan area offers 15800-16300 yuan. Per ton, the quotation in Guangzhou is around 15500-16000 yuan per ton, and the price varies little everywhere.

        This week, the market price of refrigerant R134a fell broadly. In July, the support of the cost side declined. The market price of R134a plunged sharply. The company's quotation dropped rapidly by about 2,000-3500 yuan/ton, and the lowest price had fallen to 20,000 yuan/ton. The demand side continues to be weak, the demand in the off-season is poor, the downstream buying is insufficient, and the holders give profits to the goods, and the room for negotiation has increased. However, the overall transaction atmosphere is thin and the industry's attitude is negative. At present, the market price of R134a is mostly in the range of 20000-25000 yuan/ton, Zhejiang region's quotation is about 20000-22500 yuan/ton, Hunan region's quotation is about 20500-21000/ton, and Jiangsu region's quotation is about 20000-25000 yuan/ton. Prices fell sharply.

        In terms of raw materials, on July 9th, the mainstream price of domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was 9,300-9600 yuan/ton, the ex-factory price trend of on-site merchants was temporarily stable, the operating rate of domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was normal, and the on-site supply of goods was stable. Affected by the high price of fluorite, the downstream refrigerant market has temporarily stabilized in the near future. On-site procurement is mainly on-demand. It is expected that on-site prices may stabilize in the later period.

        Trichloromethane, on July 8, the methane chloride market in the Shandong region methane chloride market consolidates. Manufacturers offer methylene chloride mainstream ex-factory prices of around 3840~3890 yuan/ton, and trichloromethane mainstream ex-factory prices 4350~4370 yuan/ About ton, the downstream inquires and accepts a small amount of orders on demand.

Frioflor refrigerant analysts believe that the current cost side support R22 prices should not fall deeply, but the market is stable and weaker, it is expected that the price will remain stable in the short term. Insufficient cost support for R134a, coupled with the introduction of new production capacity into the market, intensified the contradiction of oversupply in the market, and prices are expected to continue to decline.




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