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What Is the Difference Between Refrigerant R404a and R507

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What Is the Difference Between Refrigerant R404a and R507

The difference between refrigerant R404A and R507

1. Different Ingredients.

    Refrigerant R404A is compounded by 44%/52% 4% of R125/R143a/R134a

    R507 is compounded by 50%/50% of R125/R143a. 

    From the composition of the mixed ingredients, we can see R404a includes the 2 components of R507c. 

    The ODP of the two refrigerants is 0 and neither destroys the ozone layer.

2. The pressure of R404A and R507

    The data on the temperature and pressure gauge shows that the pressure between the two is almost the same and will not cause any      impact on the system. If you usually pay attention to the system accessories used, especially the label description on the expansion          valve is shared by R404A and R507.

3. R404A is a non-azeotropic mixture, liquid filling must be used when filling, while R507 is an azeotropic mixture.

4. The presence of R134a in R404A increases the mass transfer resistance and reduces the heat coefficient of the transfer chamber,        while the heat transfer coefficient of R507 is higher than that of R404A.

Refrigeration capacity of R404a and R507c

5. Judging from the current manufacturer’s use results, the effect of R507 is indeed faster than that of R404A.


6. From the comparison of cost performance, R507 is 30-40% higher than R404A.

7. The performance of R404A and R507A are relatively close. 

The compressor power consumption of R404A is 2.86% higher than that of R507A; 

the discharge temperature of low-pressure compressor is 0.58% higher than that of R507A, 

and the discharge temperature of high-pressure compressor is 2.65% higher than that of R507A; 

COP ratio R507A is 0.01 higher; 

the intermediate temperature is 6.14% lower than R507A.




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