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What is the Difference Between Refrigerant Gas R410a and R32

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What is the Difference Between Refrigerant Gas R410a and R32

Comparision of Refrigerant Gas R32 and R410a

If you meet a salesperson who sells R32 air conditioners while you are buying air conditioners, she may tell you: R32 is used for air conditioners in developed countries. This is actually true. 

       Compared with R410a, R32 refrigerant has at least four advantages:

1. It is more environmentally friendly. Although the two refrigerants will not damage the ozone layer, R410a has been proven to cause global warming. Although R32 has the ability to warm the world, it is much smaller than R410a.

refrigerant gas comparison

2. The amount is small, and the working pressure of R32 is higher, which means that the charging amount of R32 is lower in the same size pipeline (only 70% of R410a). If compared to an adult, 10 R410a can do the job, while it only needs 7 R32.

3. Low cost. R410a is a mixed refrigerant, which is a mixture of R32 and R125 in a ratio of 1:1. It is more difficult to make, which will naturally lead to higher costs.

4. High efficiency, the same air conditioning configuration, when using R32 refrigerant, the work efficiency will be slightly improved.

refrigerant gas efficiency

In other words, the same level of energy-efficient air conditioner, using R32, will generally be cheaper than using R410a.

But R32 has a huge flaw, that is, it is flammable. Remember the news of air conditioning explosions in the past few years: once R32 leaks, flammable gas contacts the air, if it encounters an open flame, it will inevitably cause an explosion.

Several explosion accidents have made R32 discredited. So even today our craftsmanship and technology have been significantly improved, R410a can still become a rival of R32.




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