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Which Refrigerant Gas will Replace Freon R22?

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Which Refrigerant Gas will Replace Freon R22?

Why Refrigerant R22 must be replaced?

At present, R22 is still the commonly used refrigerant in household air conditioners. As a HCFC refrigerant, R22 has a low ODP (ozone depletion potential) (only 5% of R12), but long-term use, the damage to the ozone layer is still not negligible. Therefore, people have been active in recent years. 
Efforts to find a substitute for R22.

R134a (isotetrafluoroethane, C2H2F4) 

R134a was the first to be selected as a substitute for R22, but R134a, which was once considered to be an ideal substitute for R22, was ultimately not used in the household air-conditioning market or in the commercial air-conditioning market. Neither has won widespread recognition. As a substitute for R22, R134a has many satisfactory features, but due to its low pressure characteristics, the system with R134a must use a larger-volume compressor, which leads to an increase in system cost. Therefore, R134a is slowed down. Give up slowly, currently only used in car air conditioners with lower operating pressure.


From the mid-1990s, people began to choose R407C (HCF refrigerant) as a substitute for R22. R407C has the same operating pressure and temperature as R22. R407C has zero ozone depletion potential and very low global warming potential. In many cases, only a slight improvement to the R22 system can be used as a substitute. Has been widely recognized in the European market. However, due to the significant temperature drift of the R407C system during high-pressure exhaust, it is difficult to achieve the efficiency that matches the R22 system. Therefore, Japanese air-conditioning manufacturers produce a large number of R407C products for export to Europe on the one hand, and on the other hand to Japan The recognition of R407C is very low. 


Instead, it is replaced by another R410A refrigerant that also belongs to the HCF category. In the United States, although the replacement of R22 refrigerant is relatively clear, R407C refrigerant has never been favored by the air-conditioning manufacturing industry, and the selected alternative is also R410A. 

Even in Europe, where R22 refrigerant was eliminated earlier, after using R407C refrigerant for several years, it finally began to transform to R410A. 

To be sure, R410A refrigerant is the best choice to replace R22 refrigerant worldwide. Although its advantages and disadvantages are mixed, the unique advantages of R410A are more attractive than R134a and R407C. It is expected that R410A refrigerant will gradually become the mainstream refrigerant for air-conditioning equipment.




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