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Aircon Refrigerant R410a Used in A/C Air Conditioners

R-410A, as a medium and low temperature refrigerant widely used today, should mainly be used in household air conditioners and small and medium commercial air conditioners.
  • Ningbo, China
  • USD28 - USD 50
  • 100 bottles
  • L/C, T/T
  • cylinder, ton tank, ISO tank
  • 2.2
  • 50% of R32 and 50% of R125
  • 75-10-5 & 354-33-6
  • 3163

R410a refrigerant gas is suitable for air conditioners usage, mostly in disposable cylinder package.

We produced all kinds of refrigerant r410a used in air conditioners

You can find the main introduction of R410a gas in FAQ page.

Refrigerant Gas R410a on Sale, photos of our workshop, welcome to contact us.
Workshop show of where we produce refrigerant r410a used in air conditioners
A/C aircon refrigerant gas R410a can also be shipped by ISO tank

Instructions for using R22 and R410A

1.R22 refrigerant compressors generally use mineral oil; R410A refrigerant compressors generally use organic synthetic oils, such as POE (ether) and PVE (ester). R410A and mineral oil are not mutually soluble. R410A air conditioning system mixed with mineral oil (for R22) will cause the refrigerant oil to deteriorate and hydrolyze to produce metal salts. In addition, if it is mixed with other refrigerating machine oil, if the refrigerating machine oil is used incorrectly, after the oil is mixed, it will cause sludge and block the capillary tube. 

  2. The pressure of R410A is about 1.6 times higher than R22 refrigerant (absolute pressure = relative pressure or gauge pressure + 1 atmosphere or 1 kg force). Therefore, in the process of construction and after-sales service, if there is an error operation, there will be A major accident may occur. When installing R410A refrigerant air conditioner, please use R410A special tools and materials, pay attention to safe operation. 

  3. When installing and moving the air conditioner, please do not mix air other than R410A refrigerant into the air conditioner's refrigerant circulation pipeline. If air and other gases are mixed, it will cause abnormal high pressure in the refrigerant circulation pipeline, which is the main cause of rupture and cracks in the circulation pipeline. 

  4. Due to the relatively high pressure of R410A, piping and tools are used exclusively. The wall thickness of the copper pipe must comply with the amendment proposal of JISB 8607 [flares and connectors used by refrigerants], and select the copper pipes allowed by R410A according to the requirements. 

  5. R22: In normal operation, the suction pressure is 0.40~0.70Mpa (normal system back pressure ≥0.5Mpa. R410A: In normal operation, the suction pressure is 0.70~1.15Mpa (gauge pressure) (absolute pressure = gauge pressure + 1 atmosphere) ).

  6. The compressor is dedicated for R410A; the compressor is not allowed to compress air, which may cause explosion. R410A air conditioners have a filter drier, while air conditioners using R22 refrigerant generally do not have a filter drier.

  7. The compressor used in the R410A refrigerant machine is lubricated with POE oil. POE oil and water can react to produce water and acid, and the generated water can promote the further reaction of POE oil. If the chain reaction continues for a long time, the water in the system will More and more, it may cause the capillary tube to be blocked by ice; at the same time, the acidity of the circulating working fluid in the system will become higher and higher (the PH value is lower and lower), which may cause corrosion of the parts in the system and produce plating. Copper phenomenon. When installing the machine, it is forbidden to drip sweat into the connecting pipe; it is strictly forbidden to mix other insoluble impurities into the system.

  8. During maintenance, as long as the refrigeration system is cut off, no matter what the reason is, the filter drier must be replaced. When repairing, if you need to replace parts, you must use R410A special parts, not mixed with R22.

  9. Due to R410A type azeotropic refrigerant, because the proportion of R410A component does not change much, liquid charging can also be carried out (the judgment is based on the cooling or heating effect is slightly worse, or the pressure is lower than 15%), but the leakage is relatively large. If it leaks frequently or completely, it must be vacuumed with a vacuum pump and must be filled with liquid.




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