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R600A R32 R404A R507 R407c R290 R22 R134A R410A Factory Sell AC Freon Refrigerant Gas

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AC Usage Freon Gas R22 and R134a and other different Types of refrigerant gas all available.

we produce high quality r22 ac freon gas

Available Refrigerant Gas R22,R134A,R134A,R410A,R404A,R407C,R507,R600A,R290…
Our Advantage Over Others We are professional refrigerant gas manufacturer since 2004
Our Sales Team speak English,Spanish,French,Russian
Refrigerant Gas has REACH certificate for Europe
We have famous registered brand FRIOFLOR
Different Type of Package Available
AC freon gas R22 with disposable cylinder freon r134a gas in 12kg refillable cylinder New Type R32 Refrigerant Price on Sale freon gas R290 in disposable cylinder
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R410A is a two-component non-azeotropic mixed refrigerant, which is a mixture of R32 / R125 (50% / 50%). R410A, like R407C, has zero ozone depletion potential and very low global warming potential. Its ozone layer destruction coefficient (ODP) is 0, and the released gas will not cause damage to the atmospheric ozone layer; global warming coefficient ( GWP) is 1730, which is basically the same as R22. The volumetric cooling capacity of R410A is large and the heat transfer performance is better than R22. The heat transfer of finned heat exchanger is 35% higher than that of R22 system (the heat transfer coefficients of R134a and R407C are slightly smaller than R22); R410A is of the same quality At flow rate, the pressure drop of R410A is small, which facilitates the use of smaller diameter pipes and valves. The evaporator, condenser and other components can also be made smaller, which reduces the system cost and can reduce the refrigerant charge by 30% the amount.

Refrigerant Freon Workshop and Shipment Glance
you can see the workshop of ac freon gas
ISO tank package of ac freon gas





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