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Environment Friendly R134A Refrigeration Gas For Refrigerator and Fridge

HFC-134A is used as refrigerant in automobile air-conditioning, household and commercial refrigerant applications. It can also be used as aerosol, flame retardan, and blowing agent in pharmaceutical, agro-chemical, cosmetics and cleaning sectors.
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  • USD 35 - USD 55 /bottle
  • 100 bottles
  • L/C, T/T
  • 13.6KG cylinder, ton tank, ISO tank
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  • 811-97-2
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Usage for Refrigeration and Fridge, High Quality R134A Refrigerant Gas Factory

R134a refrigerant for refrigerator

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The application characteristics of R134a are analyzed as follows:

1.R134a has a global warming potential (GWP) of 0.25 and R22 of 0.36, both of which are greenhouse gases.

2.the ozone depletion potential (ODP) of R134a is 0 and R22 is 0.06. This is the reason why R134a has become an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

3.the specific volume of R134a is 1.47 times that of R22, and the latent heat of evaporation is small, so the refrigeration capacity of R134a unit is only 60% of that of R22 unit. Calculated according to the price of unit cooling capacity, the price of the R22 unit is about 60% of that of the R134a unit.

4. the thermal conductivity of R134a is 10% lower than that of R22, so the heat exchange area of the heat exchanger of the R134a unit needs to be larger.

5.R134a has strong water absorption, which is 20 times that of R22, so the dryer in the unit system has higher requirements to avoid ice blocking.

6.R134a has a stronger swelling effect on rubber substances than R22, and the refrigerant leakage rate is higher in actual operation. In addition, it is highly corrosive to copper, and "copper plating" occurs during use, so additives must be added to the system.


       7. The R134a system requires a dedicated compressor and a dedicated grease lubricant. Due to its high water absorption, high foaming and high diffusibility, the stability of the system performance is inferior to that of the R22 system. mineral oil.

      8.The prices of HFCs refrigerants such as  R134a and the special lipid oil are higher than R22, and the operation and maintenance costs of the equipment are higher.

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r134a refrigerant for refrigerator
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