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Flammable Refrigerant Gas R32 Introduction (GWP, Formula, Freezing Point, Data Sheet)

R32 generally refers to difluoromethane. Difluoromethane is an organic substance with a molecular formula of CH2F2 and a molecular weight of 52.02. It is a colorless gas and is partially miscible with water. Used as a dry engraving agent, a substitute for low-temperature refrigerant R-502, or as a mixed refrigerant with HFC-134a and HFC-152a to replace HCFC-22
  • Ningbo, China
  • USD 15 - USD 25 / Bottle
  • 500 bottles
  • L/C, T/T
  • cylinder, ton tank, ISO tank
  • 2.1 Inflammable Gas
  • CH2F2
  • 500000mt
  • 3252
Introduction of Refrigerant Gas R32
Factory Direct Sale High Purity Refrigerant Gas R32

molecular formula: CH2F2   Difluoromethane(1,1-Difluoromethane)         UN Number: 3252           risk grades: 2.1

Physical Property

molecular weight 52.02       boiling point(1amt)ºC       -51.7          
melting point,ºC -136 boiling point evaporation potential,KJ/Kg 390.5
density(25ºC) liquid, g/cm³   0.960 vapour pressure(25ºC),Mpa 1.702
critical temperature,ºC         78.52 critical pressure,Mpa 5.808
critical density ,g/cm³ 0.430 boiling point evaporation potential,KJ/Kg 390.5
water solubilityºC,W% 0.440 specific heat(25ºC)liquid,KJ/KgºC 2.35
ODP 0 GWP 0.11

Quality index(Q/320623 NTD 01-2012):

purity,% ≥99.8  
moisture,% ≤0.001
acidity,% ≤0.0001
evaporated residue,% ≤ 0.01
chloride (cl-)experiment test permition
noncondensable gas(v/v),% 1.5
appearance colorless transparent liquefied gas

Packing specification: 7kg,670Kg/926L, 30Kg/40L steel cyinder

Uses: as refrigerating fluid

About our Factory

Our Advantages over other factories in the production of refrigerant gas

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  2. The cylinders have CE/DOT/KGS certificate

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  4. We have our own labs to guarantee the gas purity 99.91%-99.97%

  5. R134A gas has REACH certificate

  6. We have R32,R152,R22,R134A,R410A,R407C,R404A…

Workshop and Shipment Glance
Factory Direct Sale High Purity Refrigerant Gas R32

Factory Direct Sale High Purity Refrigerant Gas R32

Difluoromethane is a coolant with zero ozone depletion potential. Difluoromethane and pentafluoroethane can form an azeotropic mixture (called R-410A), which is used as a substitute for chlorofluorocarbons (also known as Freon) in new coolant systems, mainly to replace HCFC-22 , As a compound medium and low temperature mixed refrigerant. Although it has zero ozone depletion potential, it has high global warming potential, and its potential is 550 times that of carbon dioxide on a 100-year basis.

R32 is the abbreviation of difluoromethane, which is a halogenated hydrocarbon (chemical formula: CH2F2), and R32 is also a kind of halogenated methane. It is a compound formed by replacing two of the four hydrogen atoms of methane with fluorine atoms. Dichloromethane and hydrogen fluoride are heated and reacted to generate difluoromethane and hydrogen chloride, and pure R32 is obtained after HCL is absorbed by aqueous alkali. R32 is a Freon substitute with excellent thermodynamic properties. It has a low boiling point, low vapor pressure and pressure, large refrigeration coefficient, zero ozone loss value, and small greenhouse effect coefficient. It is HCFC-22 (CHClF2). ) An ideal substitute.





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