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5KG Bottle r290 hydrocarbon refrigerant sell around the world

R290 propane refrigerant gas is a new type of refrigerant gas, it has no damage to environment and has no global warming effect. Mostly it is packed in 5KG or 5.5KG disposable cylinder.
  • Ningbo, China
  • USD 13- USD 25/bottle
  • 100 bottles
  • L/C, T/T
  • 5.5KG cylinder, ton tank, ISO tank
  • 2.1
  • R290 Propane
  • 74-98-6
  • 1978
5KG Bottle r290 hydrocarbon refrigerant sell around the world We sell different refrigerant gas all around the world

Frioflor is top refrigerant gas factory since year 2004, 

we sell refrigerant gas all around the world

  1. We are the supplier of many big air conditioner and commerical condioning customers.

  2. The cylinders have CE/DOT/KGS certificate

  3. New technology cylinder, 100% safety no leakage

  4. We have our own labs to guarantee the gas purity 99.91%-99.97%

  5. R134A gas has REACH certificate

  6. We have R32,R152,R22,R134A,R410A,R407C,R404A…

The Chinese name is propane, which belongs to hydrocarbon refrigerant

molecular formula C3H8, 

appearance is colorless gas, pure product is odorless, 

slightly soluble in water, soluble in ether and ethanol, 

flash point (℃) -104.

The upper explosion limit% (V/V) 9.5, 

the lower explosion limit% (V/V) 2.1,

the relative density (air = 1) 1.56, 

the heat of combustion (kJ/mol): 2217.8, 

the ignition temperature (℃): 450~470.

Health hazards: simple asphyxia and anesthesia. Human short-term exposure to 1% propane does not cause symptoms; concentrations below 10% cause only mild dizziness; exposure to high concentrations can cause anesthesia and loss of consciousness; extremely high concentrations can cause suffocation.

Hazard characteristics: flammable gas, mixed with air can form an explosive mixture, and may burn and explode when exposed to heat sources and open flames. The safety level is A3.

Small charge: The amount of R290 refrigerant is only 40%~55% of R22 and R410A, which is less and more economical.

Energy saving: low freezing point, greater latent heat of evaporation, making the temperature drop faster per unit time; lower isentropic compression ratio, making the compressor easier to work and prolonging the service life of the compressor; small molecular weight, good fluidity, and higher delivery pressure Low, reducing the load on the compressor. Using R290 refrigerant, the energy saving rate can reach 15~30%

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5KG R290 hydrocarbon propane refrigerant gas
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                                 Chemical Data Index of Refrigerant  Gas R290 Propane Gas
Physical Properties
Molecular FormulaCH3CH2CH3
Molecular Weight44.1
Boiling Point  ℃-42.1
Freezing PointN/M
Critical Temperature (℃) 96.6
Critical Pressure (MPa)4.248
GWP 3.3
Quality Index
Purity ≥ 99.90% 
Sulfur content ppm by weightless   than 1.0
Water content ppm by weightless   than 10
Acidity ppm by weightless   than 1.0
Evaporation residue ≤ 0.01% 
Appearance Colorless and clear 
Odor Odorless 
for refrigerant, for central air conditioning,heat pump, air conditoning and other small household refrigeration system, replacement of R22
Packing, Payment and Delivery
Packing1. Small Can 300g/360g/380g
2. Disposable cylinder: 5.5KG/13.4L,   9.5KG/22.3L
3. Refillable cylinder  45KG/118L,160KG/400L,380KG/926L etc.
4. ISO-TANK 10T/24m3
Payment1)By T/T 30% as deposit, the 70% balance against copy of B/L
2)L/C payment term is also negotiable
Delivery20-25days after receiving the deposit
About Sample 
Sample is not possilbe as refrigerant gas is a kind of   dangerous goods and it can't be shipped by express courier. But we have our   own testing lab to show you the test result.




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