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Flammable R134a Refrigerant Freon for Fridge

HFC-134A is used as refrigerant in automobile air-conditioning, household and commercial refrigerant applications. It can also be used as aerosol, flame retardan, and blowing agent in pharmaceutical, agro-chemical, cosmetics and cleaning sectors.
  • Ningbo, China
  • USD 35 - USD 55 /bottle
  • 100 bottles
  • L/C, T/T
  • 13.6KG cylinder, ton tank, ISO tank
  • 2.2
  •  CH2FCF3
  • 811-97-2
  • 3159

Usage for Refrigeration and Fridge, High Quality R134A Refrigerant Gas Factory Production

R134a refrigerant for refrigerator

Available Refrigerant Gas R22,R134A,R134A,R410A,R404A,R407C,R507,R600A,R290…
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Refrigerant Gas has REACH certificate for Europe
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Different Type of Package Available
Supplier of R134A refrigerant Gas in small can for fridge r134a refrigerant for fridge r134a refrigerant freon has low damage to environment. R134a refrigerant freon is widely shipped by ISO tank.
    For detailed datasheet and specification please download from our company website

R-134a is the most widely used medium and low temperature environmentally friendly refrigerant. Due to the good comprehensive performance of R-134a, R-134a is a very effective and safe substitute for R-12. It is mainly used in the use of R12 refrigerant. Most of the fields, including: refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, automobile air conditioners, central air conditioners, dehumidifiers, cold storage, commercial refrigeration, ice water machines, ice cream machines, refrigeration condensing units and other refrigeration equipment, and can also be used in aerosol propulsion Agent, medical aerosol, insecticide propellant, polymer (plastic) physical foaming agent, and magnesium alloy shielding gas. R-134a can be widely used as a refrigerant in automobile air conditioners, refrigerators, central air conditioners, commercial refrigeration and other industries, and can be used in medicine, pesticides, cosmetics, and cleaning industries.

Workshop and Shipment, welcome to buy from us refrigerant gas R134a for your fridge application.

r134a refrigerant for refrigerator
Shipment of R134A refrigerant gas




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